Our Vision

Curated content across all streaming Services. 

Movie and TV recommendations from your friends. 

What is See It Next?

Throughout 2020 visual entertainment shifted from theaters to home viewing and grew from a few delivery streaming options to an influx of new online streaming services. The simple choice of watching a movie or show has become “what should I watch and where can I watch it?” 

We’ve created See It Next to automate answers to this simple question. It goes far beyond guesswork and “star rating” suggestions that fall short. We wanted an app to factor in what we’ve seen, what we like, what our friends like, and who we’re watching with.


If what we’re doing sounds simple, it’s not!

To date, the idea of a packaged movie and TV show recommendations platform across all streaming services has not been created. Consumers rely on various stand alone streaming-services, that do not learn the customer’s habits across all platforms. Services like Apple TV+ use Rotten Tomatoes as their rating system, while others like IMDB cover national trends and are not targeted to individuals. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video focus on their original content portfolio and cater to their subscribers’ watchlist trends. And finally, newer or smaller services like HBO MaxParamount+ and Sundance Now are simply trying to stay visible with their content releases in searches.

See It Next- What to Watch Today on Netflix Amazon

The problem is, there is no aggregated recommendation platform across all streaming services

that truly knows a viewer’s habits and preferences. Today’s streaming service suggestions reflect a user’s watch history based on simple specs like “similar genre” or “similar actors”. But the demand and amount of content has never been higher, so isn’t it time for a recommendation platform that is smarter?

Why does this problem need solving? 

Users need a place to turn to for movie and TV show recommendations that caters to viewing habits and complex metrics across all streaming services. Consumers of content deserve smarter suggestions by considering what is trending within a user’s social network.

How does See It Next work?

Unlike any other ratings system or app we know of, See It Next uses a proprietary algorithm that converges a multitude of data. That includes chat conversation content, friends’ viewing habits, newsfeed activity, public metrics and finally, latest news. All this information is converged and distilled to create simple suggestions that are real-time and relevant. Most of all, we keep it accurate and current using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. See It Next’s data analysis learns and adapts so every user will have targeted recommendations for what to watch presented simply and clearly.

Stay tuned for future developments!

  • App is launching Spring 2021. 
  • See It Next will soon be launching the industry’s first AI Chatbot with real-time recommendations. 
  • Stay tuned for verified accounts.