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Curated Movie & TV show suggestions across all streaming services. Let’s bring the fun back into finding what to watch.  

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    Multi-user picks to find content that friends, family and couples will all enjoy. Or simply chat with friends and unlock new finds for the whole group! 

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    Discover new trusted reviews. Average star ratings from your followers. Push to your social network and share your review!

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    Chat with friends about content you watched, or let them know suggested recommendations! Have one dedicated place to discuss your reviews, and push your friend’s suggested viewing straight to your “want to watch” watchlist!

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    Track and manage OTT subscriptions. Consolidate your watchlists across your streaming services.

    where do i watch it?

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    Discover average scores for Movies & TV Shows based on a user’s social network.

    Multi-user recommendations

    Deciding what to watch can be tricky. Make it easier to agree with your friends and family.


    Chat with one friend or start a group chat.  Receive recommendations from See It Next!


    Recommendations are aggregated cross-platform, and based on a user’s social network and habits, and more.

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    Gone are the days of screenshots! Users can share recent watch activity via Instagram Stories, Twitter and Facebook.  

    Verified Accounts

    The exclusive rare badge gives a peek into industry insiders’ recommendations.  Users can follow and track verified accounts.

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